12 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Blog

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12 Best WordPress Plugins

Hi Friends,

Following on from my intense surfing I’ve collected some recommendations for plugins. You don’t have to install these if you find that part complicated, but for those of  you who are familiar with how easy it is to do with the instructions on each website, these are fantastic!

Part of Google Adsense’s terms of service is that you do not display more than 3 sets of Google Adsense ads on each page. Adsense-Deluxe allos you to place google ads as part of your template or in your posts, while ensuring you don’t break Google’s 3 ads rule.

Google Sitemaps
By having a Google Sitemap, you’ll be able to keep your blog as up to date in Google as possible. This Google Sitemaps plugin will create a sitemap of your wp blog that is Google compliant.

Feedburner Feed Replacement
This useful plugin forwards your feed traffic to feedburner.com. That way you can use their many cutting-edge features for subscriber analysis and feed presentation.

I just found this one today, it’s a great service which shows up custom items associated with various email addresses of users who post comments on your blog. It’s another way of adding more personality and splice to your blog.

Head META Description
Many search engines, such as Google, display your description meta data in their search results. The problem is, wordpress usually uses the exact same meta data for each and every page on your website. By installing this plugin, you’ll ensure that you ahve a dynamic description meta tag for every entry you put into your blog, which is automatically generated based on the page content.

Optimal Title
This is very essential for SEO purposes as it lets you put the title of your blog posts before the blog title, rather than after your blog’s name.

All in One SEO Pack
Some features:
* Automatically helps you to avoids duplicate content found on most typical WordPress blogs
* Optimizes your titles for search engines automatically
* You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
* Automatically generates META tags
* Allows you to fine tune anything you want.
* It is backwards-compatibile with a lot of other plugins, such as ultimate tage warrior, auto meta and many others.

Related Posts
This is a great way of getting your readers to read more of your blog posts because it automatically displays related posts that you have made.

Permalink Redirect
One of the frustrating things when you check through your stats is that wordpress urls with a trailing slash are the same as ones that aren’t, yet show up as separate pages. It’s also frustrating from an SEO perspective as many search engines treat these as separate pages. Luckily there’s Permanent Redirect, which issues a 301 (permanently moved) redirect if anyone accesses your page via the non-permalink web address. This will help you from an SEO perspective and keep your stats clean.

Ultimate Tag Warrior
Tags are one of the most interesting things that Web 2.0 has brought to the internet. Thanks to Ultimate Tag Warrior, you can join in on this and tag your posts. The main reason for tagging is that it assists in narrowing down for others what the post is about and it provides and easy way of getting around your site. It also give Technorati a great idea of what your post is about so that it can index it correctly. Technorati is another great place for driving traffic to your website, hence this is an essential tool.

Spam has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a wordpress blog. It seems like the moment you’ve set up your blog, you start getting incoming spam comments. That’s why you need to install the Akismet plugin, which eliminates a LOT of your comment spam problems.

WPCron for wordpress backups
Wordpress Database backup is included by default in editions 2.0 and above. However the plugin is much more useful if you also install WP Cron because it’ll automate the backup process for you. This is a more advanced plugin and not necessary for newbie/intermediates who might find it tricky to set up.

Please post your comments and suggestions for other plugins of value in terms of development and earning money. 🙂


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